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2 Parody Videos: BBC's Robin Hood

Here are two parody fan vids of the BBC Robin Hood series:

Robin BollyHood
Dance Number: Hungarian stunt women in turquoise lycra yoga suits and tattoos (ostensibly portraying a medieval Saracen assassination squad) have a sword fight with Robin Hood, his merry gang, and a soldier suffering from PTSD wearing army surplus combat boots and fatigues.  [Ya gotta wonder what the Beeb's been smoking!]
Soundtrack: Musical fusion of traditional British folk, Britpop & Bhangra.

Robin Hood -- Vegas Style
Heist Caper: The Sheriff turns Nottingham castle into a Las Vegas-style casino. So, Robin Hood, Maid Marian and the gang (aided and abetted by a German Count with a gambling addiction) re-enact the plot of Ocean's Eleven.
Soundtrack: Musical mash-up of Elvis Presley, Carbon/Silicon, Leonard Cohen, & Steeleye Span.

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